Model and makeup portfolio development, so this was a collaboration with a model and with a makeup artist.

What Is The Best Camera To Use For People Photography

The most obvious answer is the one you have with you when you take a photo. But I’m going to assume the interest goes beyond just snapping selfies with friends – any smartphone is good, (D)SLR camera is actually awkward and bulky for selfies. I know, I tried....

Creative Portrait With Crystals

Took makeup artist a little while to create apply all these crystals to beautiful model’s neck and chest, but the result was totally worth it.

Model Headshot from 2010

This headshot was made in 2010 for a modeling portfolio – shot in home made studio using Nikon D70s and Nikon 85mm f/1.4 D lens. This was the best setup I could afford at the time and it was the first fast lens I ever bought. I was just starting so I did mostly...

Beautiful Sunset In HDR

Beautiful sunset shot on Nikon D750 with 1 stop bracketing and merged in Adobe Photoshop to HDR. Selective color filters and color correction applied. This photo is available as print on demand. Contact me here if you want to buy one.