As boring as it may seem I will try to post not only the images for portfolio purposes, but also some notes on the progress as well. Don’t get flattered just yet, it’s not for you to learn, it’s for me to track my progress. As any professional worth their salt would tell you – being a professional is a constant learning process. So here I am, earning my worth in salt.

I know I am doing it the hard way. Most people would get comfortable in some setting and polish it to perfection. I respect that, but just can’t do it. My very nature requires challenge, achieving something that would be deemed either stupid or impossible or both by others. I am not talking about bungee jumping, but about the conditions of the photo shoot. I am of opinion that if you can master the impossible, the possible will look easy no matter how you do it.

This approach leads to a lot more failures than any other. However, I firmly believe failure can teach you more and teach you better than any success. First – it makes you stop being afraid of a failure. That’s one worth millions of dollars. Second – should you succeed it immediately makes you someone who has achieved the impossible: “We have achieved the impossible and that makes us mighty”. Third – it pushes you beyond the real limits of what you can and cannot do and that tells you where those limits really are, not where you thought they were. Believe me, the difference will startle you!

No, turn off the rant mode and out to make some pictures!