Creative Photography

Creative photos – check!
Fantastic Makeup – check!
Mystical Concepts – check!

CD and Album Covers

I have helped musicians get their CD and album covers

Modeling Portfolios

Developing modeling portfolios is simple. Developing modeling portfolios that stand out – now we’re talking!

Glamour and Boudoir Photography

There’s a world of beauty out there. Uncover yours with glamour and boudoir photography session

Vlad Grubman, Photographer

Hello, I am Vlad Grubman – published NY photographer. Many years of working on fashion, editorial and creative photo shoots allowed me to develop a unique perspective on creative and editorial photography. My approach is to find beauty of all kinds anywhere – whether it’s a landscape, sunset or model wearing latest trending clothes.


Any photographer can take pictures. What separates all of us is our own unique approach to photographing the subject. Creative photography is just that – taking your subject and working with it in your own unique fashion. Shooting glamour, editorial, fashion or even modeling portfolio doesn’t have to be typical and boring – it can produce striking and creative images. Contact me for you photo shoot and let’s create together.


Just because you’ve got photos from your runway doesn’t mean you ready to showcase everything you have created. Is your collection ready-to-wear? Is it lingerie for a special occasion? Is it prom or party dress collection? You sure want to put your creations in the best possible light, right where it belongs. The professional photographer can do just that – make your vision come true. Contact me today to get things moving.

Photography Tips

There are two types of tips you can get - something technical (how to approach certain situation) and something business (how to run your photography business). Since I have already mentioned that I am not making my living as photographer, I’ll focus on technical side...

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You Can Keep Your Hat On

Started working with this upcoming, but a very promising model. Not sure if the projects we have scheduled will work out but at least I am working on the stuff I have never done before. The styling and makeup are impeccable and the overall results are impressive. She...

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What Is The Best Camera To Use For People Photography

The most obvious answer is the one you have with you when you take a photo. But I’m going to assume the interest goes beyond just snapping selfies with friends - any smartphone is good, (D)SLR camera is actually awkward and bulky for selfies. I know, I tried. DSLR,...

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Cheap Alternatives To Professional Photography Backdrops

(I recently answered this question on Quora - feel free to discuss this answer there as well) The full question is: What are some cheap alternatives to professional photography backdrops? Short answer - you can use pretty much anything. Long answer - anything you can...

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How To Learn Night Photography

(I have recently answered this question on Quora - if you prefer you can comment or discuss this question there) It’s not difficult to learn night photography (or low light photography in general), but it’s difficult to master. As with everything else - practice makes...

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Catwoman On My Roof

Being Catwoman is hard. Being a photographer catching one on one's own roof - even harder. But think about all the excitement! The thrill of the chase! The sound of shutter and thick prick of Nikon SB-800 flashing from somewhere on the side!

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Buidling A Beginner Model Portfolio

Building modeling portfolio is tricky. If you look online there are tons of articles advising you to hire a full blown professional team - photographer with assistant, make up artist, hair stylist, fashion or wardrobe stylist and so on. Another ton of articles advise...

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Model Headshot from 2010

This headshot was made in 2010 for a modeling portfolio - shot in home made studio using Nikon D70s and Nikon 85mm f/1.4 D lens. This was the best setup I could afford at the time and it was the first fast lens I ever bought. I was just starting so I did mostly beauty...

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Masks Project – Headshot

This headshot was done as a part of my Masks project. I have a raw, on-the-camera image in my instagram feed, now I finally got around to editing it to the proper look and feel. Want to get headshots like this? Head straight to contact form where you can book a shoot...

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