List of photography projects open to participation as of 3/27/2016:

Masks – anything that’s associated with masks, mystery, carnival, etc. View the current set here – Masks Photo Project.

Red Chair Diaries – model’s own reflection. This is where I step back and allow a model to be whatever she want to be. The only requirement is red chair. You can view at the current line up here: Red Chair Diaries Photo Project.

Film Noir Stories – inspired by film noir I am building another photo story. We need multiple participants for this project, I have a script ready. Samples can be seen here: Film Noir inspired concepts.

Pirates and Wenches and Pirate Wenches – I am working with performing group who have their own pirate show. We need promo and poster materials and would love to build a calendar/photo book. Some imagery available on portfolio page – Pirates!

Action – anything to do with the action. I would love to add more martial arts as well as special lighting techniques. You can see some action shots by clicking here.

Erte’s Alphabet – each letter is a character and is a story in itself. We have only 6 letters left to complete the photo book. Please note – some looks require either partial or full nudity, please make sure you are comfortable with this before contacting me about this photo project.

If you want to participate in any of the photo art projects – please contact me via this form. Include your information and which project you are interested in!

If you are not sure about a any of the above, but would still like to work with me on some interesting concept – feel free to peruse the following yearly plan.