Model portfolio and collaboration with makeup artist – beautiful headshot

Creative Portrait With Crystals

Took makeup artist a little while to create apply all these crystals to beautiful model's neck and chest, but the result was totally worth it.

Model Headshot from 2010

This headshot was made in 2010 for a modeling portfolio - shot in home made studio using Nikon D70s and Nikon 85mm f/1.4 D lens. This was the best setup I could afford at the time and it was the first fast lens I ever bought. I was just starting so I did mostly beauty...

Masks Project – Headshot

This headshot was done as a part of my Masks project. I have a raw, on-the-camera image in my instagram feed, now I finally got around to editing it to the proper look and feel. Want to get headshots like this? Head straight to contact form where you can book a shoot...

Plus size model photoshoot publication

Finally got the digital tear sheets from the magazine that published some of my work with plus size model Yekaterina. Not all images made it, but those that did look gorgeous and the top one actually made to the back cover - the back of the magazine. Plus size model...

Editorial Designer Shoot

Worked with this absolutely amazing model Melissa - it's hard to meet such a sweet and smart model who's also very versatile and can manage multiple different looks. We had a blast!

Film Noir Inspiration

I have launched a series of experiments that eventually should lead up to one large production. In the meantime - just some bits and pieces put together as an experiment. Erika was absolutely marvelous and totally fit the role.