Publication in Darkside Magazine - Cover / Photography by Vlad Grubman,

The kinky side of the shoots continue to bring in some additional publications. This time it’s the Darkside Magazine – a bit more raw publication than I had before, but still pretty cool to be featured on yet another cover. It’s all about raw Dominatrix power in BDSM exchange this time, more open, aggressive and more in-your-face. The interview that goes with the shoot opens up the Dominatrix side of things from an interesting angle. Even though I know Skye Marlowe, the Dominatrix featured in the special, for a few years, I was still surprised. It made me discover new sides to her and BDSM dynamics as a whole.

Publication in Darkside Magazine - Internal pages/ Photography by Vlad Grubman,

I am super excited to be working with Skye Marlowe, the Dominatrix from Washington DC. We’ve collaborated before and each time the material we’ve produced ended up in a publication or two. This time it ended up in two magazines and both times it has made it to the cover. Highly recommend reading the whole interview in the magazine itself, it’s interesting and entertaining.

The other interesting side effect of publishing photography like this is that clients who are interested in alternative life styles are approaching me with their own kinky boudoir photography requests. Granted they will provide a permission – I will be able to share some of the images.