Creative photography

Creative fashion designer photo shoot - photography by Vlad Grubman Any photographer can take pictures. What separates all of us is our own unique approach to photographing the subject. Creative photography is just that – taking your subject and working with it in your own unique fashion. Shooting editorial, fashion or even modeling portfolio doesn’t have to be typical and boring – it can produce striking and creative images.

Through the years I’ve learned to approach any subject creatively. Whether it’s a private glamour session, a beauty photo shoot, an editorial for a fashion designer or a fashion look book – it always helps to look at things at various angles. I’ve always been inspired with pictures that look just a little out of this world. Not completely out there – that’s awesome too, but may not look practical for the purpose as it would be an art, and art is untouchable. But just edging out there, breaking a boundary, but leaving just enough room for the viewer to cross over in either direction.

This is why I can work with any models on a creative shoot. Doesn’t have to be modeling agency standard – it could be anyone as long as they fit the concept. Many times team had a model that wasn’t all professional or wasn’t a model at all, yet the results were equally amazing. As long as the whole team shares the passion and creative direction – the result never cease to amaze.

It usually works the best for editorial, beauty and model portfolios. Once you’ve seen a hundred portfolios, especially from new or upcoming models, you can easily patterns and similarities. Sure, any model should have impressive headshots or full length photos, but that’s just three or four out of at least ten. What you’re going to do with the rest is what will set you apart.

For editorial or look books it works just the same – do you just want your collection to be just clothes on a model against while backdrop? Sure, it works for e-commerce catalog, but not if you are trying to send a message or establish a brand. In that case photography should not just display your designs – it should make them work.

If you are ready to take your images to another level – don’t wait, schedule your creative photoshoot now to reserve your spot!

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