Vintage Poster – Coca Cola

A series of pinup posters I’ve shot for last year. This is the first in the series – Coca Cola ad. A bit of unpacking – the model was shot in the studio, I have used Adobe Stock image for the bottle and the rest was edited in Adobe...

Publication in Tattooed Time Bomb Magazine

Published in July 2017 issue of Tattooed Time Bomb Magazine. It was a truly amazing collaboration, I couldn’t be happier with results. For full tearsheet – scroll down. Text reads: Vlad Grubman / Photographer’s Instagram:...

Catwoman On My Roof

Being Catwoman is hard. Being a photographer catching one on one’s own roof – even harder. But think about all the excitement! The thrill of the chase! The sound of shutter and thick prick of Nikon SB-800 flashing from somewhere on the side!

Creative Portrait With Crystals

Took makeup artist a little while to create apply all these crystals to beautiful model’s neck and chest, but the result was totally worth it.